Bambi part 3

Italian edition cover

Bambi returns to Rome and decides to open her heart to that which can raise it beyond the clouds or hurl it into the darkest abyss. Hers is a chosen family, not a traditional one, and has gone through a lot, a nucleus whose members stay close, forgetting the wounds and betrayals that served to strengthen the truth of their relationship. Life gives no free gifts; perseverance is a constant that all too rarely leads to satisfaction.

Anna’s friend attempts to help her bring Giacomo’s deceit to light. If revealed, it will cut all biological ties between Giacomo and his family.

Bambi is the incarnation of many things: courage, the will to change, to transform herself for the better, because change coincides with finding her essential self again, and therefore Bambi becomes the symbol of Love. Love with a capital L. Love has no gender, color or age and comes before anything else: every decision is taken in the wake of intimate emotions, the doubts raised by reason clash with the sparks of her heart. Will Bambi ever get to truly shine as her alone or will Giacomo always be a part of her?